Transfer from/to Airports and Taxi

Do you need a safe taxi service?

Are you looking for a transfer from/to one of the London airports or do you need a safe taxi service?

One of the ways to quickly reach your apartment after arrival at one of the London airports, is to book a “Mini Cab“, a particular type of taxi that has to be pre-booked over the telephone, online or at a mini-cab office and cannot be hired on the street. Their cars are normally an ordinary saloon car. They are considerably cheaper, so they offer good value.

“Mini cabs” are different from “Black Cabs”. A “Black Cab” is a licensed London taxi – the classic ones with the orange lights on top. You can hail these on the street anywhere in London and providing they have their light on, they are obliged to take you there. They are generally more expensive.

N.B. We are not responsible for this service, and we’re not linked to them in any way. However, we do think this service is great, and think that you might find a transfer service is the best option for a smooth arrival.