How it works

With over a decade of experience, Short Let London provides the most affordable and easily accessible apartments from the heart of the nation’s capital. Our portfolio of properties is extremely varied and constantly expanding, which means that there is always an apartment to suit your needs and budget.

To start your search for the perfect apartment, start by visiting our home page. There, you will be able to enter your desired arrival/departure dates in to the search field. Then, press SEARCH to browse all the apartments that are available for the indicated time frame. Keep in mind that there are extra filters and categories that can help you fine-tune your search.

Alternatively, scroll down further on our home page to see London’s trending locations, such as Baker Street or Swiss Cottage. By clicking on your desired location, you can browse apartments directly from that area.

Click on any of the apartments to see more information, including location, pictures, and total price (including any promotions that may be active). By clicking BOOK from inside the property listing, you will be able to see the breakdown of your bill. This includes the 30% prepayment that is required to secure the reservation, and the balance that is to be paid on arrival to the property.

After completing the reservation, your private information will be stored in the “Tourist area” online page that can be accessed by you at any time. From there you can double-check your information and even adjust some details like the arrival time.

For any further help or enquiries, please feel free to contact us via the online chat, email (, or by calling us at +44 (0)20 3805 3030 (opening hours and international phone numbers can be found at the bottom left of our website).

How to search a flat

We understand how important it is to get just the right apartment for your stay in London. To help you with your search, we have a wide range of filters and categories that will help you narrow down your options.

First, start by entering the desired arrival and departure dates in to the search fields on our home page. Pressing search will allow you to see all of the apartments that are available. Alternatively, you can see our full range of apartments by clicking APARTMENTS in the upper portion of our website.

  1. In the top right corner of the search results, you will be able to change the way that apartments are displayed – square, in line, or on the map. The map view is exceptionally useful to gauge the proximity of properties to the city centre.
  2. Below the view options, you will be able to adjust the sorting order for things like price and size of the apartments.
  3. On the left of the search results you will find a wide range of categories. These can help you fine tune the search results even further by restricting the search to your specific needs.

Understanding how to adjust your search results will help you find the perfect apartment to suit your individual needs. However, if you are having trouble finding something suitable, feel free to contact our support team – they are always happy to assist.

For further assistance, please contact us via the online chat, email (, or by calling us at +44 (0)20 3805 3030 (opening hours and international phone numbers can be found at the bottom left of our website).

How to save your search

Sometimes, it is important to consider multiple options before arriving at a decision, especially when deciding on which apartment to accommodate for your trip to London. This is why our website allows you to save the best apartments in to your list of favourites (“❤ favourites” found at the top of the website).

To add an apartment to your favourites, simply click the “❤” in the top right or left corner (depending on whether you are looking at the search results of the apartment listing) of the apartment pictures.

This allows you to consolidate your favourite apartments into one list, making it easier to decide which apartment you would prefer, or to save them for a later date.