How it works

With over a decade of experience, Short Let operates in the heart of London. We’re always expanding our range of properties, and each one has its own unique characteristics, so you’ll find a full description with up-to-date pictures and prices to help you make the right choice.

Just start by searching apartments in London or look for your ideal location on this map. Enter your dates and number of people into our quick search tool to browse available apartments, and simply click for the full description, pictures and map.

Our website will calculate the total price for you for a fee-free instant booking. There’s no deposit required — we just require an advance payment of 15% of the total price. The rest is due on arrival. Done! Your reservation information will be stored in your private ‘my reservations’ area.

For any help or queries, our customer service team is available for you on live chat. Alternatively, call our office on +44 (0)20 3805 3030, or send us an email.

Discover how is easy to book a self-catering apartment with us!

How to search a flat

We know how important it is to get just the right place for your stay in London. So we have a wide range of filters you can apply to your search, to help you narrow down the options.

On the home page, hover over the ‘search apartments’ button on the main menu. You will immediately see a list of filters to choose from. You can sort by map, number of people, price, size, duration or recommendation.

To see our full range of apartments, simply choose ‘ALL APARTMENTS’.

Alternatively, you can do a location-based search with ‘SEARCH YOUR APARTMENT BY MAP’. Then sort properties by photo view, list view or map view, depending on your search criteria. You can also sort this page by price and and name.

You can also fill the dates of your stay and the number of people into our quick search tool. Our system will display the available apartments and the total price for each.

It’s easy to select the right apartment for your needs. Or, for any further information, our customer service team will be happy to help with any queries.

If you are looking for a short stay apartment in London, don't hesitate to start your search with us!

How to save your search

We understand that sometimes you might be considering more than one option for your stay.

That’s why our website will let you keep track of the apartments you like with our wish list page. Simply click ‘add to my wish list’ on any listings page to automatically add it. You can add as many apartments as you like.

Click on the ‘wish list’ button at the top of the page to view the apartments you have chosen. From this page you can send us an enquiry about all your options, or review the list to instantly book any of the apartments.

From this page, you can send us an enquiry about all those flat, or review the list to instantly book any of the flats.