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One of the stressful moment for any of us is when you need to move from one home to another.

Sometimes some weeks elapse between a sale of an apartment and the moment that the new flat is ready. And in this period, you need a temporary accommodation until your next home is available. At other times, you are excited to start a new life in a new city or country and you are looking for a temporary apartment for the first period. And, stay in Hotel is so expensive and incovenient. They don't provide some communal facilities as a washing machine or a kitchen.

Short Let London is here to support you as you ease into your transition from home to home, by providing a convienient short stay apartments in London.

Our prices are on a daily basis and you can book and pay only the period that meets your requirements. Indeed, you are able to extend your stay with us or choose another apartment from our selection of over 200-holiday apartments in Zone 1, 2 and 3. Moreover, if you are looking for a medium or long stay, we are happy to offer you a payment plan tailored to your request. You can get the benefit to pay on a monthly basis without running into the payment of a huge and unbearable advanced deposit. This is one aspect that distinguishes us from other short stay companies. Short Let London apartments are convenient and basic accommodations equipped with a fully-fitted kitchen complete with various cooking appliance and cutlery. Wi-Fi is alway free and a lot of our flats have a washing machine and a launderette nearby. They are located close to Tube Stations and they sleep up to 4 guests.

So you can feel at home from day one!

Why do not take advantage of our terrific Medium Stay "31-60 night stay offer" or Long Stay "61+ night stay" offers?

Click here and contact us to find more about how we can make your medium stay more affordable.

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